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Exterior Cleaning Service

Exterior Cleaning

Softwashing uses environmentally-friendly chemicals that degrade very quickly over time.
Once dry, they are completely safe for pets, children, and the environment.

Tiled Roof Soft Wash CleaningThe Softwashing industry has grown rapidly around the world.
Throughout the US and Europe, softwashing now dominates over traditional cleaning methods.
Time and again, and across many different environments, softwashing has proved the superior solution. This is because it is usually quicker, cheaper, and longer-lasting when compared to traditional cleaning methods, such as high pressure cleaning.
Since it has been so successful, competitors occasionally like to make exaggerations about softwashing’s effects on the environment.

Softwashing is a green cleaning service and environmentally sound solution. Our softwash detergent recipes are health and safety approved at every level, including the UK and EU. They are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Softwashing detergent blends may use powerful chemicals and biocides, but are used in a highly diluted form.
When there is any risk of damaging the surrounding area we work diligently to prevent any potentially hazardous runoff that may affect your business, home, or neighbourhood.

In many instances, softwashing is also a more sustainable solution, as our methods are designed to make a minimum impact on energy and water consumption. High pressure washing requires considerable quantities of water and energy to make that technology effective. Softwashing uses low pressure technology that does not require mains electricity and uses water much more sparingly, letting science do the hard-work.

When DIY methods such as brushing, dusting, and household solutions are not effective, softwashing is the most environmentally sustainable option thanks to its low carbon footprint. At Wrights Cleaning we pride ourselves on our ethical approach and we are happy to discuss our principles and methods with you, and to share more information with you regarding the green and sustainable credentials of softwashing.

Why clean using Soft Wash Technology?
Block Paving Soft WashSimply, it is a fast, safe and cost effective method of cleaning that has a proven track record of over 20 years.
There are many surfaces that can not sustain the potential damage caused by High Pressure Washing, such as some roof materials, wooden fences, painted surfaces, certa

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