Commercial window cleaning services help you in cleaning of your windows. Cleaning interior windows and mirrors is normally easier than cleaning exterior windows. Mostly because there are more types of exterior environmental elements to cope with. This maybe seasonal storms or summers winds or dirt sprayed off the floor by busy traffic. Not forgetting birds can also play havoc with your exterior windows as they look for food or pass by. Interior window glass is usually not as dirty, however if you’re a smoker you will get a yellow tar on your interior windows, if you don’t clean them at least once a week. This looks bad and can also collect on your curtains and interior walls, doors and framework. This is not a good look for your home.

Depending on your health you should be able to do the interior of the windows yourself. We have put together some tips for you. Generally, interior windows are dirty with dust and water spots. So all you need is the some club soda or vinegar spray, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth.

The main exception to this advice is if you have mirrors or windows that are often touched and get lots of fingerprints. Glass door panels etc. Handprints are greasy and need soap or detergent to remove them. After getting rid of the grease you can spray the windows with pure, undiluted club soda in a spray bottle or vinegar and use a squeegee to clean them down, and then wipe the corners and window edges with a microfiber cloth.

Just a little note: Don’t clean your interior windows when the sun is shining through them. They will be too warm. The sun will evaporate the spray before you have a chance to squeegee it away, and you will end up with streaks.

Commercial window cleaning supplies:

• Club Soda in a spray bottle.
• A good quality squeegee
• A microfiber cloth
• For handprints: soap or detergent

Bright outlook cleaning knows how to clean your windows in winter and summer months. We do add different solutions to our water depending on the weather. Having the correct window cleaning solution for winter is key and is what keeps your windows in perfect condition. We won’t recommend you to clean your windows yourself, as it can be more dangerous. It is better to leave your window cleaning on Bright outlook cleaning professionals, there commercial window cleaning service protect your and your windows.

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